Helping you find The Missing Piece

Let us help you find The Missing Piece

Small, local, indie

We are driven by the passion to help small, local independent businesses thrive in a local economy. We believe in these small local, independent business, who put people before profits, benefit their local communities and make a huge difference.

Education, collaboration and coach

Through guided brainstorming, group coaching and one on one training, we help you find your missing piece and jump start your business to enable you embody your lifestyle. By providing and encouraging and inspiring environment, we initiate change through creative solutions and effective communication.

We work with people like you

We work with creative and entrepreneurial individuals who are passionate about what they do and who need a little bit of help finding their missing piece.



My role is as a facilitator of the process. This process of engagement inevitably generates new ideas and cycles of creation.


I am so glad I decided to participate in your program! The program and you personally have shown me the way to go, gave me additional opportunities for self-development, a new vision and new personal prospects.
- Irina - Engineering Consultant


The "Dealing with Difficult People" workshop was a combination of discussion, anecdotal teaching & practical tips we can apply. We learned a lot!
- Staff - Immigrant non-profit organization


Thank you for your teachings, your professionalism & your resolute dedication & belief in each person's goodness.
- Renata - Holistic Practitioner


My brain is on fire! Just re-read my notes from today's meeting. Boy-oh-boy did we ever cover a lot of ground. My synapses are jumping and loving the creative energy.
- Christiane - Entrepreneur (specializing in lead generation)


Thanks for offering your knowledge & wisdom about facilitating conflict resolution. The Q&A time we had was so very helpful. We went back to our volunteers in various parts of Canada with a sense of renewal and optimism. Your gifts in this area are so needed in every community, we are so grateful you shared them with us.
- Michelle - Volunteer Coordinator - National non-profit organization

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