Rethinking the Cult of ‘Employment’

December 20, 2012  |  
By Santina Kerslake

In the Words of~ Scrooge Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

A Race Well Run

Are you ‘between positions’ or ‘in transition’? Have you been ‘down-sized’ or had your job ‘outsourced’? If so, perhaps it’s time to have a reality check about what you really mean to your employer - just another corporate slave. The rat-race is a race that no one but the Corporation can win; I know, I ran it - 12 hr. days in a High-Tech firm’s cubicle. From Day 1 I found my department to be under-staffed, under funded and ultimately undermined! My life like that of so many, entailed commuting from home during rush-hour to office to car to rush-hour, arriving home too exhausted for a meaningful relationship….only to do it all over again the next day.

Who Am I

In our job obsessed culture, having a job provides a sense of acceptibility that many believe cannot be found elsewhere.Yet, in this time of high unemployment, more and more of us are finding ourselves disillusioned, depressed and ultimately, ditched at the side of the road. Surely, now is the time to re-examine our life choices.

What ever happend to the notion that technology would gives us a shorter work week and more time for leisure?

Are we finally waking up to the lie that we would have more leisure time and we’d be retiring at 55? Really? We hear more about 50, 60 hour work weeks and 2, 3 part time jobs to make ends meet than we ever did. That is for the people who can actually find jobs in their area! What about the corporate crime, downsizing, environmental and human rights issues and the growing salary gap between the executives and the people who actually do the work? How can it be acceptable that a select few individuals amass and hold more wealth than the poorest 50 countries of the world combined! Forbes tells us the wealthiest individual in the world is worth around $70 B while the poorest nation, using GDP as the yardstick, is worth around $24 B…..and we like to call ourselves an advanced society? Could it be the new superstars of our era are CEO’s, shareholders and Bankers and the new religion is money?

The Future is Now

Was it Marshal McLughan who coined the phrase? People from all walks of life are taking a step back, re-examining thier life-styles and thinking up creative solutions. This certainly is not a new concept. The idea, however, appear to be gaining momentum. We all know there are better and more fulfilling ways to live and work. The time is right to take a long, hard look at the devastation this corporate cult is causing, not only in our personal relationships or mental health but also in society as a whole. It is time to re-define success as having more to do with balance and people’s values and less with productivity and climbing the corporate ladder; more about people motivated by learning and spending time with their children and less about career growth & material wealth.

There’s a movement afoot and I’m happy to count myself among its’ proponents. A movement away from corporate culture & towards a new vision of the world, a way that gives us hope for the future. A way that includes time for SLOW living, SLOW business and SLOW food.

I invite you to join us in Chasing SLOW.

Santina Kerslake

Santina is an creative professional who is flexible in the face of change and resilient in the face of confusion.