Chasing Slow - Conception

January 2, 2013  |  
By Santina Kerslake

Chasing – v. To go hurriedly
Slow – adj flagyl 200mg. Taking or requiring longer than normal

In a world where speed is glorified and success is measured by how much we produce or consume, there is a growing movement that shows there are alternatives to today’s fast-paced and unhealthy life-style. For us, that alternative is something we call ‘Chasing Slow’, an ideal born out of the belief that under a different model, we can all be happier, healthier and more creative. In doing so, we can live fuller and more balanced lives. Simply put, when we slow down, we enjoy our surroundings which in turn allows ideas to flourish and come to fruition in an innovative and joyful way. By following todays ‘more, more, more’ model, stress related illnesses have risen astronomically. More people than ever before are reporting feeling stressed in their daily lives; high blood pressure, heart disease and burn-out now seem commonplace. We believe it’s time to put pay to the fallacy that working longer hrs. or working faster makes us more productive. In truth, more work simply leads to more tiredness, more stress, less creativity and ultimately, less productivity…and what a false god productivity has proven to be. ‘Work harder and you’ll be rewarded.’ Tell that to the formerly productive yet now unemployed millions around the globe.

Now is a time for reflection and to question our core values - a time for new choices to be made. Chasing slow offers a new action plan and gives everyday examples of businesses that follow a different mantra, one that puts people and planet above profit and productivity, yet still they succeed.
Make the choice to follow the S3 principle; Slow, Sustainable, Successful.

We hope you enjoy the journey and if we prompt just a few to reconsider and readjust their priorities, it will have been a journey well worth taking.

Santina & John Kerslake

“The moment I jumped off of it was the moment I touched down.”
Alanis Morissette – ‘Thank You’

Santina Kerslake

Santina is an creative professional who is flexible in the face of change and resilient in the face of confusion.